Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility

Marriage Compatibility.

Marriage is one of the most vital decisions in life. Thus, it’s important to find out the compatibility between the couples. Astrology for marriage presents us with all the details regarding the match, the details about the ups and downs in your married life, the amount of love between the couples, sexual compatibility, issues if any in getting a child and chances of getting a divorce, etc. The position of the moon along with the aspects in the case of male horoscope and the position of the sun in case of female horoscope are given a lot of significance in astrology for marriage.

On the contrary, when the stars are in quadrate or opposition or badly placed, there will be trouble and disagreement. The power of adaptation determines the degree of disagreement and difficulty and the lack of power of adaptation is the primary cause of incompatibility of temperament. Several questions related to marriage are solved with the help of astrology such as when will the individual get married, if he or she will get married or not? and many more.

Physical Compatibility

The two individuals who are getting married need to have a physical compatibility, i.e. they must feel the physical attraction between us it’s extremely vital for the survival of the marriage.

Psychological Compatibility

Psychological compatibility comes after the physical and is calculated between the two individuals for marriage in astrology. It mainly determines the mental wavelength of man and woman and here their interests, anger, abilities, and behavior are matched for marriage.

Spiritual Compatibility

Spiritual compatibility comes calculated between the two individuals for marriage in astrology. It mainly determines the spiritual level of a man and woman and whether they are matched for marriage.

The fact also goes that there is a tendency to split written in some people’s horoscope and here our Pandith will predict whether the individuals have the signs of getting divorced or not. If it’s so then marriage is not recommended. So, hurry up and call us if you want to know your marriage compatibility astrology thoroughly.


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